Letter: Extension would 'ruin' county
The Daily Times

Originally published: September 06, 2010

Dear Editor:

I oppose the Pellissippi Parkway extension for many reasons, some of which I will outline below:

— Economic reasons and fiscal responsibility — I feel confident the larger amount often quoted (about $100 million) will not be the end and the actual cost would be much higher.
— The traffic and business that would be taken away from Alcoa and Maryville — especially along Washington Street, the renovated downtown area, and the East Broadway area. Could local and independent businesses survive all the loss of traffic coming through town on the way to the Park?
— Irreversible loss of farm land, the small-town feel, and rural aspect of our county.
— The inevitability of unbridled sprawl. No one but a developer could want Blount County to look like Farragut.
— Loss of private lands, homes, businesses and livelihoods to development.
— The ridiculousness of the proposal in the first place; to ruin our county forever to shave between 7 and 11 minutes off a commute!

Many people are opposed to this plan and I hope TDOT and elected officials will take these and other reasons in careful consideration or we will all suffer. Thanks to CAPPE for giving me hope!

Most sincerely,

Stephanie Burr
101 Thomas Drive
Maryville, TN 37804