Pellissippi Extension benefit questioned
Letter to the Editor
by Angela Montoya
The Daily Times

Dear Editor:

I am writing to express my concerns with the proposed Pellissippi Parkway Extension. According to TDOT’s assessment, this massively expensive highway will not result in significant, if any, improvement in the stated goals to improve traffic congestion or levels of service on most of our road network.

I question the only proposed entrance and exit for this proposed section — Sevierville Road (U.S. 411). As a citizen who travels this road daily, I am astounded that the planners would consider it beneficial in any way to cause even more traffic on this extremely dangerous, narrow road, with no plans for major improvements. I have observed many vehicles barely managing to stay on the road due to poor road conditions with no shoulders and deep ditches. Many have not been so lucky and have found themselves stuck in the ditches.

Even more frightening is the sound or sight of an emergency vehicle — there is nowhere to pull aside, causing confusion in both directions. Living close to this highway, I know the high frequency of usage by emergency vehicles (several times daily). I wonder if anyone has even consulted with these services about how it will affect them? And given that there is also a school being developed farther down this road, any plan that increases traffic on this road is completely irresponsible.

To use an estimated $100 million is a misuse of my, my children’s, and grandchildren’s money for a project that will benefit a few (in terms of 10-20 minutes per day), out-of-town tourists who will bypass our area, and contractors and builders. Instead of unnecessarily wasting this money, I suggest the no build option — use these funds to improve the current unsafe roads that more citizens travel on every day.

Angela Montoya

3311 Scarlet Drive

Maryville, TN 37804