Reader sees ‘live theater’ at meeting


Letter to the Editor, The Daily Times
November 3, 2011

Dear Editor:

After the Blount County Commission meeting of Thursday, Oct. 20, I am still shaking my head at the live theater I witnessed, and without being a member of the actor’s guild, participated in.

Bryan Daniels, Blount Partnership president and CEO, for some reason came up with the following diatribe, “It takes vision and leadership to create opportunities to create jobs and making sure we have a strong economic climate.” His words brought me to audible laughter. Did he really just say that?

Bryan Daniels leads a “coalition of businesses and economic development agencies that is marketing Pellissippi Place.” Last time I checked the $20 million plus of taxpayer money that has flowed into that 450-acre vacant skateboard park, that “investment” has yielded us, the taxpayers, a return on investment of zero! Coupled with a $2 million “spec building” in Partnership Park that has sat vacant for six years, I’ll just wait for Bernie Madoff to get released for a better investment opportunity.

Pellissippi Place backers went to Washington to solicit governmental assistance in help securing a loan to build a spec building at Pellissippi Place. If Washington and the banks won’t loan you the money, maybe it’s a really bad idea!

So what to do with the bad idea? Throw another $100 plus million down in asphalt in the form of the Pellissippi Parkway Extension on top of the bad idea and maybe people will forget about it. With $20 plus million already spent on Pellissippi (empty) Place and now we are going to pave through it and hope that R and D business comes? I don’t want to be in Blount County if a white labcoat is splitting the atom beside an interstate. I’ll pass on that one.

Tom Robinson

Maryville, TN