Make a Difference


Become a Member TODAY and help CAPPE keep the momentum going!

  • Annual membership dues are $25 per person. We encourage additional contributions of any size.

  • Dues and donations to CAPPE are not tax-deductible. All of our income is used for efforts to stop the construction of this interstate highway.

  • Please contact us if you have any questions about CAPPE or membership.

Benefits of CAPPE Membership

  • Voting rights: Only current members can vote to select the Directors of our Board at our Annual Meeting each February.

  • Keeping informed: Those on our mailing list will receive updates when we have significant new information, and also notification of CAPPE events.

  • A forum for sharing your ideas and concerns: Our regular meetings (on the second Monday evening of each month) are open to all members — and we welcome your input and ideas at anytime, via e-mail or otherwise.

  • Privacy: We do not publicize our membership list. We do not share our mailing list with any other organizations or individuals.

Responsibilities of CAPPE Membership

  • Voting (when important): We do not expect members to come to monthly meetings, but we hope all will make an effort to come to our Annual Meeting, and to voice their opinions when a really important question arises.

  • Paying annual dues: It is only $25 per person per year, and very important to keep our momentum going and our treasury ready for what may come. If you can afford more, that would be welcome.

  • Helping CAPPE achieve its goal: in whatever ways might work for you. Some give money, some write letters, some speak to their elected officials, some discuss the issue with their friends and neighbors and help enlarge our organization, some have great ideas, some help work at fund-raisers (that can be fun, like baking something or entering a chili contest).